H4NOTHING 6th,7th,8th and 9th of July 20:30


With the performance H4nothing, Triptych’s cycle is been completed, a series of performances by Lukasz Walewski and Constantina Peter. Triptych’ cycle concerns the human environment and the personal growth. Searching how personal desires can communicate with or into social frames. It presents how a strictly personal subject can be staged, into conditions undefined from space […]

Deconstructing Electra vol.1 – performance


26-27-28/06 at 20:00 Nadia Mowafy, Aggelos Michaeloudes   In search of a way to express these tragic heroes, we are trying to listen to what they would say with their bodies, with their minds. Ancient Greek tragedy is sacred, is classic, we perceive it as a rock poem. We wish to break the form.   […]

Fear Industry – 32 Operatic Acts for Stage and Real Life


22,23, 29/6 at 20:30 2 performers and 1 mezzo-soprano uncover in 32 acts a “living archive” of 21st-Century fears. The performance sheds light on the concept of fear and its orchestrated manipulation through economic and political forces, transmission by the media and its subtle proliferation in contemporary society. The staging blends theatre with live-aria, lieder and choral […]

Το Σκάσιμον acoustic narration

To skasimon web

‘’This is a crucial violent moment, a world is falling apart, another has yet to exist we are in danger within chaos,  we are drowning.’’ Σκασιμόν uses fragments of The Murderess by Alexandros Papadiamantis and Ascesis: The Saviors of God by Nikos Kazantzakis, creating a new narration with direct comments on the original texts. The […]



Dream … One life and a constant struggle to find myself.Who are the others who invade me and who is the one stares at me through the mirror? …  H4WHAT, was firstly presented in November 2013, and it is inspired by three personal dreams of Lukasz Walewski. The first one was a meeting with himself, […]

ΤRIPTYCH MITOS_Lukas Walewski Α’ part H2011


TRIPTYCH – part 1 H2011 three solo performances new production by Center of Performance Arts MITOS The director and performer Lukasz Walewski after the succesful performance “Ship of Fools”, which took place as part of the european program “Songs of my Neighbours”, continues the collaboration with dramaturge Constantina Peter, specificing on human maters concerning the […]

“Songs of My Neighbours” Closing Symposium


Marking the end of “Songs of My Neighbours”, Center of Performing Arts Mitos is organizing the project’s Closing Symposium, during which the project’s activities and conclusions will be presented. The Symposium will take place in Limassol on the 25th and 26th of April and will include discussions, presentations, performances, screenings, city walks and exhibitions. Organizations, artists and […]


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Visual and Oral Stories – visual and music performance Christina Papakyriakou/Dimitris Spyrou Christina Papakyriakou and Dimitris Spyrou meet and share visual and music stories with the common element of using objects as picture and sound derivatives. Using an “overhead projector” the artist Ch. Papakyriakou animates images, landscapes and colors that dress the music of D. […]