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With two very interesting propositions is closing this year’s residency program: presenation of a dance work in progress,  Stomach Rumblings by Αrianna Marcoulides/ Bytheway productions  and the Cypriot folk tale, O Polis ji o Noufris, by Yiolanda Chirstodoulou, Dimitris Spyrou and Oya Akin.

The Ship Of Fools theatre performance

poster SOF final

    For the unique experience they have offered with the performance The Ship of Fools, we’d like to thank: Lukasz Walewski, Constantina Peter, Marios Constantinou, Marios Ioannou, Elena Kotasvili, Alexis Vayianos and Antonis Antoniou, as well as Sofronis Sofroniou, Yiorgos Onisiforou, George Kareklas, Christina Petridou and Sofronis Efstathiou. The performance was presented within the […]

Songs of my neighbours


Listening. Singing. Understanding.
A European theatre program
Autumn 2013 – Summer 2015