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ΤRIPTYCH MITOS_Lukas Walewski Α’ part H2011


TRIPTYCH – part 1 H2011 three solo performances new production by Center of Performance Arts MITOS The director and performer Lukasz Walewski after the succesful performance “Ship of Fools”, which took place as part of the european program “Songs of my Neighbours”, continues the collaboration with dramaturge Constantina Peter, specificing on human maters concerning the […]

“Songs of My Neighbours” Closing Symposium


Marking the end of “Songs of My Neighbours”, Center of Performing Arts Mitos is organizing the project’s Closing Symposium, during which the project’s activities and conclusions will be presented. The Symposium will take place in Limassol on the 25th and 26th of April and will include discussions, presentations, performances, screenings, city walks and exhibitions. Organizations, artists and […]


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Visual and Oral Stories – visual and music performance Christina Papakyriakou/Dimitris Spyrou Christina Papakyriakou and Dimitris Spyrou meet and share visual and music stories with the common element of using objects as picture and sound derivatives. Using an “overhead projector” the artist Ch. Papakyriakou animates images, landscapes and colors that dress the music of D. […]


Photo KassandER_theYard συμμετοχή Μαϊου

Guest Participant 01-02-03/05 | 21:00 KassandER (Cassandra’s Annuciation by Dimitris Dimitriadis) – theatre Grotowski Institute   In Greek mythology god Apollo falls in love with Cassandra, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, and gives her the power of prophecy in order to seduce her. Cassandra takes the gift, but refuses to go to bed with […]



Guest Participant 02-03/05 | 11:00-15:00 SPACE IN BETWEEN – two-day theatre workshop Alexandra Kazazou (Studio Matjeka) and Przemyslaw Blaszczak (Teatr ZAR)  The aim of the workshop is to make us forget the body as we know it and make us listen to the here and now, in relation to ourselves, the surrounding space, our partners […]


Guest Participant 29/05 & 30/05 | 20:00 & 18:00 Stereo Typing – multimedia art installation The Family Noise Project   The Family Noise Project is a trio of artists handling text and poetry fusing it with experimental sound and visuals creating multimedia collages. In the project StereoTyping the words will enter into the sound. The […]



16-17-18/04 | 20:30 O Katathlas, written by Lena Kitsopoulou (theatre) Kostas Silvestros   Through the personal narrative of the hero, we take a look at the sensitive issue of mental illness in an attempt to shoot down the stereotypes that follow it.   Director: Michalis Gigintis Assistant director: Aggeliki Samara Actor: Kostas Silvestros Props/ costumes: […]