Blood Red Roses | theYard.Residency.17

Date/Time: Date(s) - 24/09/2017 - 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Residency – theatre

24.09| 21:00

Τhe Ice Cream Van

Blood Red Roses

Blood Red Roses invites the audience into an ordinary night of a not-so

ordinary couple. Dinner is served, red wine fills their glass and every mouthful, every movement, every gesture changes subject – from the weather to whether or not to chop your head off. How ordinary can an ordinary night be when you got the whole world in your hands?

This residency is a research into the private lives of famous dictators – their growing up, their partners and sexual lives, their dressing-up styles and favorite drinks, what makes them human, what makes them monster, what makes them appealing to us, what makes us them.

It will be created through the techniques of devising, bouffons and clowning. This is a performance inspired by the current return of extremities in politics and lifestyle. Instead of looking into the rhetoric and facade which exists in front of crowds however, this is an exploration of what happens behind closed doors, within an atmosphere of safety and intimacy. Cause who’s not curious with what these bastards are up to in their homes?

The Ice Cream Van, Loukia Pierides and Sylvain Chevet, met in 2012 whilst training at Ecole Jacques Lecoq. Sylvain was the Ping to Loukia’s Pong and they created their first show Hunger at the Brighton Fringe in 2015. Blood Red Roses is their second collaboration.


Performers- Loukia Pieridou, Sylvain Chevet, Dramaturgy- Louisa Borg-Costanzi Potts, Mentor- Diomedes Koufteros

Reservations- 99 319120

Residency duration – 7 days

Old Vinegar Factory, Genethliou Mitella 34

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