1st Mikro Festival of Ancient Drama

Metrita, The Grief of Pentheas, theatre group MITOS
Elena Agathokleous, Lukasz Walewski, Demetris Spyrou

The performance is in the frame of theatrical research from Elena Agathokleous and Lukasz Walewski on ancient texts and their performativity.
It is based on the music parts of Euripide’s Bakhes in ancient greek, with small episodes in greek. The synthesis of the body’s movement comes from the ancient icon painting. The text just gives the motive. What remains is the singing of the small chorus, which gives live to the memory of a fait accompli, for someone called Pentheas and his rage.

Motzart and Salieri and Ion,
Apostolos Apostolidis, Eleni Griva

The director Apostolos Apostolides studies the Art of Dialogue, having as case Plato’s and Pushkin’s thoughts with modern concerns. The performance presents Plato’s Ion, specificaly it presents the dialogue between Ion and Socrates, negotiating the artistic and poetic inspiration and creation. The work of Plato reveals and judges many perceptions on poetic creation and poets. Pushkin reafers on art’s envy and to whoever is been born with a gift.

8ΤΕΑΜ: Maria Christodoulou, Antreas Makris, Stella Filipidou, Thomas Nikodimou in direction of Neoklis Neokleous

8TEAM (students of Drama Scholl Vladimiros Kafkarides), create the act dejavu, in the frame of their class as a presentation for their thesis (2008). Having ‘madness’ as background, everyday madness and fragments from ancient tragedy monologues: Troades and Medea by Euripides, Medea by Muller, Killer by Laios and Koraki by Marios Pontikas, texts from the group that reveal todays characters through their eyes.

Ioanna Kammenou

Joanna Kammenou, in reading presents Medea by Christa Wolf from «Medea- Voices» book. Through a different, modern version, the German author presents a head-on collision with the established image of the heroine who wants to be humiliated, crimped to be exterminated. Medea of Christa Wolf may be considered innocent, a victim of power that suffocates her.

Closing symporium: Presentation of filmed performances. Live action with workshop participants. Proposal by Konstantinos Melides,

PhD Candidate of Classic Literature of the University Paris – Sorbonne, «Theatrical practices in closed spaces during ancient times: the case of Proagonos», Rania Iacovou, Phd Candidate, «Tragic Space Time», director Apostolos Apostolides «The confinement of ancient drama and the transformations of its actions», director Pawel Passini «Far too many things to fit into a little box»
Seminar: «Theatre of Metamorphoses. Total Actor», with Pawel Passini and Katarzyna Tadeusz, neTTheatre/Chorea

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