The theYard.Residency.15, artistic residency programme by Center of Performing Arts MITOS at Old Vinegar Factory in Limassol, present An organizational study,that’s my work, with the support of Goethe Institute Cyprus. It is a performance by Cécile Bally, a selected participation from abroad.

“If you understand what I say you will realize that I am not saying so much, if you don’t, you might guess that I try to say a lot. From the inside, I just try to follow an idea until the end and it is already a good challenge considering that I am looking at the stage from above in order to be sure to end at the front right corner.

In 2013, I wrote a master’s thesis in decision theory on how ideas, in a creative process in contemporary dance, emerge, develop and blend into a piece. What is negotiated and who is deciding? I was looking at dance through ethnographic glasses in order to better understand its organization und created a model conceptualizing my observations.

In this solo, I try to understand what it means to have a physical reaction to a methodology of researching and presenting academic results. How can a dramaturgy embody the conventional shapes of academic writing but not the meaning of its content? How to have as a content for the work the frame of my text and the titles of my model?”


Days of performance – 9th and 10th of October2015

Choreography / Performance : Cécile Bally

Dramaturgy / Assistant : Alexandre Viard

Performance starts – 20:30

Entrance – 7€