september, 2020

25sep(sep 25)8:00 pm27(sep 27)9:00 pm[the eteocypriot glyph for syllable “ou”] | theYard.Residency.20


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25, 26, 27.09 | 20:00

[the eteocypriot glyph for syllable “ou”] | solo performance

Euripides Dikaios


[ * ou]

Something happened. To be?

[ * ou]

Enough. Something happened.

[ * ouf]

[ * ouf]

Now listen carefully.

Us, of this time, the final generation, us, the most actionable victims. We stand on nothing, on no one. “Every season closes in” says the preceding generation, but us? We’ll precede nobody. This cycle, the grander one, the historic-socio-political one enveloping us, is swinging past the lowest point of the pendulum movement. Widespread, and all encompassing, it contains everybody, contains all. The earth is burning, yo. And we are enjoying the view.

Limitless Us, now standing on the precipice. Only: we can fix this, bring it back on track, or we can let it crash and burn.

Wouldn’t be the first time. The surface scarred by saurus-killing comets, ice expanses, scars persistent, scars healed. The core is spinning happily, though, the tectonic plates dancing in the rhythm of slow, the atmosphere is still dressing the world, breathing some of this, or some of that. Gaia is constant as a rock. She’ll be fine without us, but she’ll be fine without Us.


The Paphian, Venus — a whole world’s oceans boiled and steamed. And gone. So I’ll ask again: Where are you?

What’s coming for you? Your luck, or destiny? Or is it a by-your-hand and by-your-leave? Why vaccinate? To cheat disease, or death? Why take care of your children?

[ * ou]

Did something happen?

No thing. Yet.

[ * ouf]

[ * Euripides Dikaios: on a rant, on all counts ][*ouf].



Euripides Dikaios, on all content

[ and a different guest musician every show ]


Residency duration – 7 days

Information – 97 778812



25 (Friday) 8:00 pm - 27 (Sunday) 9:00 pm


Old Vinegar Factory

Old Vinegar Factory | Παλιό Ξυδάδικο, Genethliou Mitellla, Limassol