4th Mikro Ancient Drama Festival

4, 5, 7 wed / thu / sat 20:30 (45’)
@ Former department store E & S (Anexartisias St., Limassol)
Ι was Lysistrati
€10 / 8

Presentation of a new Cypriot play which brings Lysistrati to the 21st century with references to the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata and contemporary texts. Her return comes with a realization of her failure to prevent war atrocities and killings. She gets critical, to herself and her loved ones and tough to both love and life itself.

Director: Lukasz Walewski
Dramaturgy / Assistant Director: Constantina Peter
Music: Konstantinos Tsiolis
Movement: Ariana Marcoulides
Scenography/ Photos: Michalis Papamihael
Costumes: Myrto Sarma
Cast: Marina Mandri, Andria Zeniou Elena Kallinikou and Marina Makris
Production Manager: Elena Agathocleous

6 fri 14:00 (300’)
@ Old Vinegar factory, Lemesos
Workshops for high school teachers
(including the two workshops and the performance of the Cyprus Ancient Drama Platform)

Searching for the musicality on the ancient text

Based on simplicity, impulse, individual and group thought, the workshop is hoping to kick start the participants’ exploration, through their personal perception, of the ancient text from a different point of view. In the workshop older works on ancient drama will be presented as examples, and the participants, as a group, will work on the music for an ancient drama play.

Approaching Ancient Drama: contemporary practices and methodologies

A practical workshop through which the participators will have the chance to get acquainted with and try contemporary practices and approaches on staging Ancient

Drama in relation to the process of initiation and training of the students.

6 fri 20:30 (120’)
@ Rialto Theatre
Cyprus Ancient Drama Platform
€12 / 10

Three fresh viewpoints on ancient drama texts by three Cypriot artists.

NARcissus: hubris/ lament

Α study on Greek lament for three female voices and a narrator/guitarist. The re-contextualised lament of the singers is filtered through the myth of Narcissus, by Ovid. In his myth, the unreturned love of the Echo is the result of Narcissus’ mortal pride/ hubris which led, unavoidably to his death.

Performers: Katerina Andreou, Ellie Aloneftou, Julia Petrou Michaelides, Nektarios Rodosthenous

Prometheus, scene 1

The gift of Prometheus places mankind at the centre of the tragic event. In man’s attempt to delimit the new space that is assigned to him, light is transformed from matter to be used into a new condition of existence.

Concept – direction – set design: Stephanos Droussiotis
Performed by: Prokopis Agathokleous
Dramaturge: Simos Zenios
Sound composition: Giwrgos Poulios
Lighting design: Evina Vassilopoulou
Assistant director: Evita Ioannou

Searching for Aiantas

An open rehearsal-performance, an anthology of the ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles and his play Aiantas (Ajax), focusing on Ajax’s last monologue and two of the play’s stasima. A study on the construction and deconstruction of a tragedy, which deliberately by the playwright, abolishes the unity of space and time.

Director: Stelios Andronikou
With: Demetris Spyrou, Stelios Andronikou, Stelios Kyprianou

7 sat 19:55 (105’)
@ Rialto Theatre
€18 / 13

Soprano Nina Stemme portrays Elektra’s primal quest for vengeance for the murder of her father, Agamemnon. The story takes place in Mycenae, Greece, some years after the end of the Trojan War. Richard Strauss turned to Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s adaptation of Sophocles’ Electra and the resulting opera is an intense and still-startling work that unites the commanding impact of Greek tragedy with the unsettling insights of early-20th-century Freudian psychology. The drama

unfolds in a single act of rare vocal and orchestral power. With English subtitles.

8 sun 19:00 (45’)
@ Old Vinegar factory, Lemesos
Iphigenia in Aulis: Historical Memory and Amnesia

Superstition replaces faith, rumour replaces truth, fanaticism replaces memory. A daring and deeply political play about today’s world. Fantastico Theatro is currently in pre-production in a new translation of the tragedy by Maria Gerolemou, Chrysanthi Demetriou and Maria Pavlou, directed by Magdalena Zira and designed by Elena Katsouri. This lecture-presentation will focus on the main focal points of our research and preparation.

8, 9 sun / mon 20:30 (100’)
@ Rialto Theatre
Orestes by Euripides
Etaireia Theatrou Xoros
€15 / 12

Euripides transforms Sophocles’ tyrant-slaying Orestes and Electra into “terrorists”. Six days after the murder of Clytemnestra, the two siblings are holed up their family home, while the whole of society is against them. Their only hope is Menelaus, who will also betray them. A director who has won respect through his devotion to the manual aspect of theatre is staging Orestes at Rialto Theatre following its performances at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus in 2015.

Translation in Modern Greek: Giannis Tsarouhis
Direction: Simos Kakalas
Set/Costumes/Masks: Martha Foka
Music: Mohammad
Lights/Video: Perikles Mathiellis
Assistant Director/Dramatologist: Dimitris Kalakides
With (order of appearance): Dimitra Kouza (Chorus, Helen, 1st Messenger), Elena Mavridou (Electra, Tyndareo, 2nd Messenger), Dimitris Lalos (Orestes), Mihalis Valasoglou (Menelaus, Chorus).

9 mon 18:00 (120’)
@ Old Vinegar factory, Lemesos
Open discussion: “Why ancient drama?”

The organisers invite the audience of mikro together with participating artists to discuss why ancient drama and the themes that stem from it are still relevant to us and the degree to which it has been influencing and continues to influence contemporary artists. The discussion will also cover the questions raised by ancient drama on the critical issues of identity, origin, memory and tradition.

10 tue 20:30 (80’)
@ Old Vinegar factory, Lemesos
Little Platformα
€10/ 8

30΄ Orestes – Ismene

Orestes and Ismene share the stage for the first time. Their task is to make a life or death decision within 30 minutes. Dealing with their past and themselves, they ought to coexist and survive so as to reformate their identity on stage, in a game of expectations and stereotypes.

Concept: Eleni Anastasiou, Rodia Vomvolou
Stage instructor: Eleni Anastasiou
Consultant: Irini Amboumogli
Dramaturgy: the team
Set design-lighting design: Andreas Louca
Sound design: Nasia Therapontos
Performers: Marina Argiridou, Ektoras Liatsos

Clytemnestra: Self-exposed

How guilty can a killer eventually

be? In the blood stained scenery of a slaughterhouse, Clytemnestra exposed in anger, pain and sadness, composes her autobiography. This interactive theatrical performance incorporates video art, video mapping and sound design.

Concept: Avgi Lilli, Anna Fotiadou
Director/ Set design/ Video art: Anna Fotiadou
Selection of Texts/Dramaturgy: Avgi Lilli
Music and sound design: Stavros Makris
Costume: Melpo Georgiadou
Movement: Melissa Garcia-Carro
Production manager: Melpo Georgiadou
Performer: Ioanna Kordatou

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