Unrolling the Ball of Thread (2007)

"So, it looked like it was
Inside thick darkness
There sat Minoan
And the myth that he killed
With great strength
Music made him sad
And his eyes were sore."
          Christos Melides


Prompted by the Cypriot version of the myth of Ariadne, began a journey of exploring relations and archetypes – Theseus, Ariadne, Labyrinth, Minotaur.
The dramaturgy was based on songs from several traditions and poems of Cypriot writers: Elena Toumazi, Marios

Agathokleous and Christos Melides.

Creative team
Idea/dramaturgy: Lukas Walewski, Elena Agathokleous
Performing: Stephanos Filos, Ilja Sloep-Filou, Elena Agathokleous, Lukas Walewski

Performances and tour
-10th Cultural Festival of the University of Cyprus, Archontiko Axiotheas, Lefkosia, September 2007.
-Yard of the church, Lofou village, Lemesos, August 2007.
-The Old Vinegar Factory,August , 2007