Askisi me metro (2008)

Based on Oedipus Rex of Sophocles

Askisi me metro (Exercise in Meter) was a presentation of Lukas Walewski’s and Elena Agathokleou’s practical research of ancient Greek drama texts. The emphasis is on the rhythm and melody of the text, practiced according to the rules of prosody.

The work was based on abstracts of chorus parts and episodes of the Sophoclean tragedy Oedipus Rex, in a combination of ancient and modern Greek language. Part of these abstracts were presented for the first time in the theatrical performance Ludus Oedipus of the group AlmaKalma in

Greece, where Lukas and Elena worked as the basic performers and as the chorus’ trainers.

Creative team
Idea/text edit/performing: Lukas Walewski and Elena Agathokleous

Performances and tour
- Theatro Ena, Allos Choros, Lefkosia, October 2008.
- Theatrology Department of the Kapodestrian University of Athens, October 2008.
- Scientific conference of the Theatrology Department of the Kapodestrian University of Athens under the theme "The actor and  the art of acting. Theory and Practice, History and Present". Athens, October 2008.

- The Old Vinegar Factory, September 2008.10th Ancient Greek Drama Symposium, organized by the Cyprus Center ITI, Drousia village, Paphos, August 2008.