H4NOTHING (2015)

With the performance H4nothing, Triptych’s cycle is been completed, a series of performances by Lukasz Walewski and Constantina Peter. Triptych’ cycle concerns the human environment and the personal growth. Searching how personal desires can communicate with or into social frames. It presents how a strictly personal subject can be staged, into conditions undefined from space or place.

With "H4nothing" the creative team wonders how a person will act if he lose its reference points, when familiarity is lost, what else can appear for him to continue, can he feel, react, or will he let time to overtake him?
What can happen when we understand all the parts of ourselves, how many identities can we have, and is there a point that we will recognize them all? Or is this the point 0, where everything can start again … or is that point love, death, birth.

"H4nothing" will be presented as a personal challenge where

visual and motion balances on the edge. The scenery is been presented as a fragile environment, like the speech and the movement of the performer.

“In these times, when precisely what is happening could not be imagined, and when what must happen can not be imagined, and if it could it would not happen;… In the bereft of imagination, where man is dying of spiritual starvation while not feeling spiritual hunger… Which is not thought must be done, but that which is only thought inexpressible.” Karl Kraus

Direction/ music/ performer: Lukasz Walewski
Dramaturgy: Constantina Peter
Text: Psalms of David, translation Antreas Kalvos
A Cloud in Trousers, Vladimir Mayakovsky
Performance Design: Lukasz Walewski- Constantina Peter

Center of Performing Arts MITOS