H4WHAT (2013)

"Dream ... One life and a constant struggle to find myself .
Who are the others who invade me and who is he that stares at me in the mirror?"

Theater group MITOS presented H4what, a performance by Lukasz Walewski in collaboration with dramaturge Constantina Peter. The first idea is inspired by the work of the documentarist Werner Herzog and one dream. The H4what has been presented in November at the Old Vinegar Factory in Lemesos – MITOS home - for seven performances.

H4what is a continuation of the work H2011 that Lukasz Walewski and performance designer Katarzyna Pol presented two years ago at the Festival Dance / Movement and Performing Arts NO_BODY at Pallas Theatre. The series of these performances is dealing with condition of humanity through personal aspect.

The action of the play unfolds as a journey of a dream by projecting thoughts, words, sounds and symbols, through a series of images of the human figure. Through a series of concerns. If the condition of man is inside a civilization that collapses, how much space has a personal dream. How determined and focused we should be, so that the dream becomes a reality. How many chances are there for this.

A performance by Lukas Walewski in collaboration with Constantina Peter. Technical support Alexandar Jotovic.

Center of Performing Arts MITOS

- as Special Guest in theYard.Residency.13

- 21, 22, 23, 25, 28, 29, 30 November 2013. At 20:30. Old Vinegar Factory, Genethliou

 Mitella 34, Lemesos.