The Yard. Residency 2011

the.Yard 2011

The initial idea of the Yard started by Lukasz Walewski in 2011, as an artists' meeting from all disciplines of performing arts, which act and create together on a common theme. In the same year, month July, 25 artists worked on the thematic “Senses”. All the artists had the availability of Old Vinegar Factory, technical equipment ans the material needed for the realization of their activity. A three-day site- specific program was organized in the whole street of Genethliou Mitella, inside and outside of spaces. Inside of Old

Vinegar Factory an installation was placed- an experience of senses.

The main installation was hosted at Old Vinegar Factory, the base of MITOS, and consisted a polymorphic journey for the visitor. Live performances were realized in the street and near spaces. The challenge for the performers/ dancers/ actors/ musicians/ visual artists, was to use the local traditional architecture of the neighborhood as a scene.
Very important to mention is that without the complete volunteer work of all artists, technicians and organizers, this action would not be possible.

                Office Address:

Center of Performing Arts MITOS

Astiggos 1, 3016 Lemesos, Cyprus

Old Vinegar Factory Address:

Genethliou Mitella 34,

3036 Lemesos, Cyprus


(+357) 99 985232