The Yard. Residency 2012 - 13

the.Yard.Residency 2012

Ιn 2012, Centre of Performing Arts MITOS, initiated the.Yard.Residency, as a pilot program. MITOS opened the doors of Old Vinegar Factory, giving space to artists and groups, which live and work in Cyprus. As a responce to the econοmical reduction of cultural events, MITOS offered Old Vinegar Factory and its equipment to artists from different art disciplines, for presenting their artwork.

23 – 24/ 12/ 2012
The Semolina Man. A fairy tale.
Dramaturgy/ Choreography Chloe Melidou.
Performing: Marina Vrondi, Chloe Melidou
Organizers: Museum The Decorated Bread and
Center of Speech and Arts Technodromio

Semolina Man is a folk tale about the truth of real and sublime love, which while it defines the soul of a man, he can do everything. The tale will be presented in the Cypriot dialect, bringing the myth even closer to us. In the atmosphere created, folk wisdom and the magic of a fairy tale come to life and take us in a journey.

27/ 12/ 2012
Nava Jam. Acoustic concert.
Oud, Cumbus, Trumpet, Ney, Rabab, Violin, El Guitar,
Double Bass, Tabla, Didjeridu

nava is the name of a mode (دستگاه (dastgâh)) in Persian classical music.
It’s also persian for "the sound of music"
The band NAVA was created in Limassol. Originally from Navid Gholipour, Hani Rusta and Alkis Agathocleous. The original idea was to mix electronic music with acoustic instruments. During periods they host various musicians and jam.

19/ 01/ 2013
Woyzeck for Theatre and Film Space: An approach to
live act, moving image, and sound.

Performance - open rehearsal.
Direction Achim Wieland

The residency explores an experimental approach to Georg Büchner’s fragmented drama “Woyzeck” and its possibilities for a contemporary translation/development simultaneously for film and stage. The participating artists Achim Wieland (Direction), Panos Bartzis (Sound), and the two main protagonists Marios Ioannou and Elena Kallinikou, will investigate how sound and moving image can not only support live theatre, but formally puncture, juxtapose and „provoke not the sympathy but the imagination of the viewer” (–Vincent Scully).

30/ 01 – 3/ 02/ 2013
Leaning to the invitation
Workshops with the dancer/ choreographer Konstantinos
The first seminar address to contemporary dancers for Contact Improvisation. The second seminar address to actors and theatrologists, for improvisation in movement, speech and sound. Each seminar will have 20 hours duration. On the last day it will be a presentation.

6 – 7/ 02 / 2013
Diary of a Madman by Nikolai Gogol. Theater performance.
Direction Spyros Charalampous
Actor Marios Ioannou

"An actor, a suitcase, a light, some music and your presence will be enough ..
The play was written a century ago in Moscow by Nikolai Gogol.
It describes a simple, ordinary man and yet this description can adjust throughout the past, present and future of humanity.
Our humanity will speak in Cypriot dialect. "
Marios Ioannou

theYard.Residency 2013

Centre of Performing Arts MITOS focuses on the action the Yard and opens the doors of the Old Vinegar Factory, offering residence to art creators and teams from Cyprus and abroad, during the second half of 2013.

Unfortunately, the economic situation and the funding reductions for culture, brought artists from all the fields of performing arts in a particularly unfavorable position. Therefore, evaluating the need for local artistic production and mobility, MITOS, after realizing an open call, completed the program of theYardResidency13 with 7 participations and one guest participant.

MITOS selected proposals with original and experimental character, to new authors and teams, from different fields of performing arts. The participants provided with: the Old Vinegar Factory for one week (for rehearsals and representations), the technological equipment of the Old Vinegar Factory, help concerning technical matters, cleaning and adjustment of the space, part of the promotion. Furthermore, the earnings of the actions belong exclusively to the participants.

Along the way...Forgotten - Χορός
Dramaturgy- Achim Wieland, Sound- Panos Bartzis, Performer/ Movement creator- Arianna Markoulides
Residency duration: 7days

Layer upon layer. The piece comes to terms with the artificial skin that has been placed upon the individual by society, circumstance, common knowledge, family, chance encounters. What has been covered will be uncovered. I am a piece in reverse. My journey backward…revealing what has been buried, resolving what has been unresolved, awakening what has been put to sleep. Struggling to find what we are made of and dealing with scars that have been left along the way. Who are we now? What if the clothes I wear are not mine? Who am I then?

Am I my bare body?
The flesh, my eyes, the scars.

Εty(o)mologia Theatre Monologue
Idea/Direction/Dramaturgy- Maria Kyriakou, Text- Maria Kyriakou in collaboration with Marios Ioannou, Performer- Marios Ioannou, Set- video- Panayiotis Michael, Music-sound- Panos Bartzis, Light design- Vasilis Petinaris
Residency duration: 7days

The performance deals with the subject of the fragmented human existence within the barriers of today’s society, where man,
unable to confront the circumstance of daily life, is immobilize both mentally and physically. Having as a starting point the search
of truth in language and consequently the communication enabled through it, as well as the position of man in today’s social framework,
the work poses the confession of a man who, in his effort to endure a brutal reality, redefines this very search, by replacing it with the imaginary.

The work was created within Project Room #3: Scenic Affairs by visual artist Panayiotis Michael and was initially performed in 2011.
The text emerged from the effort to interpret the set given to us, theatrically.

29/07 - 4/08
Visual Installation
Manolis Hatzimanolis- Irene Zenonos
Residency duration: 8days

It is a linear representation 3 meters long depicting clashes between protestors and the police based on recent riots that took place in Greece,
typical of the impasse the country had been locked in.
The composition and the form of the project refer to ancient fronts and more specifically on the representations from the sarcophagus of Alexander from which it is inspired.
The effect is created by projecting on a cloth plastic figures with the technique used in shadow theater

(row of lamps behind the cloth),
and specifically Karagiozis, which constitutes the second major project reference which implies a social comment by transforming the figures on both sides (police and protestors)
from potentially heroic into caricatures trapped in a vicious circle of subordination - revolution.
Finally, the space environment (buildings, bins, etc.) is created by shadows of cheap materials such as pallets, newspapers, cardboard and more.
Moreover, processed sound with a mix of the musical theme of Karagiozis and sound samples from the demonstrations sharpens the contrast between drama and satire.

What she does- Video performance
Script/Perfromer - Christina Maldonado, Κινησιολογία - Věra Ondrašíková, Photography- Jan Moravek Production-
Residency duration: 9days

Video-performance that re-interprets a film-noir thriller from the 1960’s by making live physical interventions which invade the screen and damage
the composition of scenes in which a woman is forced to face many dangers such as mind manipulation, sadism, coercion and kidnapping.
The performer reacts intuitively to these situations employing what methods she can to affect them, dealing with her own fear,
with her need to destroy evil and her need to identify with it.

STRANGER GETS A GIFT - Project presentation.
Christina Maldonado.

Can being moved be treated as an essential need that can be met, provided, systematized and organized?
Can art be a service? The STRANGER GETS A GIFT seeks to widen the possibilities of how one relates to art by offering a series of performance-installations that work as «devices» designed to be used
by a one-person audience (the user) with this strategy it intends to reposition the viewer’s encounter with the artistic experience, and to privilege the experience of the user.
This project has been developed and presented jointing cultural platforms such as theaters and galleries and looks up to be inserted into public service areas as health care facilities governments offices and NGO’s.

THE STRANGER GETS A GIFT have been created by a group of artists from various disciplines, lead by Christina Maldonado, who will present this
evening the philosophy and

concepts behind this art project as well as how it has been developed, how it operates and will show registers of the performances created within this frame.

Devised Performance.
oμάδα limen. Δεντρολίβανο (rosemary)

Directing - Spyros Papavassiliou, Music supervision/sound design - Jennifer Ιoannidou , Lighting design - Vassilis Petinaris, Movement supervision - Elsa Souroulla, Installation - Maria Toumazou, Video Art design - Giorgos Charalambous, Sound Engineer - Bobby Xenofondos , Adaptation/writing of texts - Nicoletta Procopiou ,Poster Design - Giorgos Charalambous/Spyros Papavassiliou, Production assistant – Kyriacos Afxentiou , General Supervision/ Dramaturgy -  limen troop
Orpheus - Giorgos Kyriacou
Lord of the Underworld - Demetris Constantinides
Eurydice - Nicoletta Procopiou
Residency duration 9days

Using Orpheus and Eurydice’s myth as a starting point, we bring together memory scents, sounds of twist and waltz, rusty pipes and dripping water, letters, books and hats,
silent tableaux, the bodies of the actors, the language of a single look. All action takes place in the Underworld, where Eurydice arrives shortly after her death, carrying but a suitcase.
There, she meets a mysterious man with a strange aptitude of “playing”, who is self proclaimed Lord of the Underworld.
The two of them fight the battle between remembrance and forgetfulness – life and death but Orpheus’ “look” is, once again, what defines fate.
A journey of death full of life, with Eurydice borrowed from the myth but nonetheless as real as art demands.
Inspired by the myth itself, Sarah Ruhl’s play ‘Eurydice’ and by those aromas that instigate memories. A devised performance of image and sound, movement and action,
video art and sound installations.

St Range - performance
Concept / text / choreography / performance - Kalia Maliali, Technical support/ lighting + music - Lukasz Walewski and Elena Ioannidou, Photo - Giorgos Charalambous, Poster design - Despina Kannaourou
Special thanks to - The Dance House Lemesos , Claudiu Florin Dita and Alexis Vassiliou for the support

What do we see when we look? What do we experience when we put aside our desire to recognize what we see?
St Range goes on a ride through the intellectual, the sensorial, the imaginative body. Searching to touch the richness of otherness beyond the logic of reasoning, to move and be moved, together with the audience.

H4WHAT - performance | guest participant
Lukasz Walewski- Constantina Peter

Dream ... One life and a constant struggle to find myself .
Who are the others who invade me and who is he that stares at me in the mirror? ...

Theater group MITOS presents H4what, a performance by Lukasz Walewski in collaboration with Constantina Peter.
The first idea is inspired by the work of the documentarist Werner Herzog and one dream.
H4what is a continuation of the work H2011 that Lukasz Walewski and performance designer Katarzyna Pol presented two years ago at the Festival Dance / Movement and Performing Arts NO_BODY at Pallas Theatre.
The series of these performances is dealing with condition of humanity through personal aspect. The action of the play unfolds as a journey of a dream by projecting thoughts, words, sounds and symbols, through a series of images of the human figure, through a series of concerns. If the condition of man is inside a civilization that collapses, how much space has a personal dream. How determined and focused we should be, so that the dream becomes a reality. How many chances are there for this?

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