The Yard Residency 16

Period b' September- December
Center of Performing Arts MITOS

Center of Performing Arts MITOS announces the residency program for theYard.Residency.16 period b, which will take place at the Old Vinegar Factory in Lemesos. 2016 is the sixth consecutive year of the theYard.Residency.16. The theme for this year is: the duration of a moment. Unlike previous years the residency program for 2016 has been divided into three categories for participation:

Ι. a moment

ΙΙ. Improvisations/works in progress

ΙΙΙ. a moment in the playground

For the second period of the residency the committee has chosen proposals with original and experimental character, from upcoming artists and groups from different fields. The committee has chosen 12 artists plus one guest participant, from Cyprus and abroad, that were suited within this year’s theme, based on their methodology and creative approach

The duration of a moment.
“Does this moment now exist?” N.Kazantzakis
As a bet that appears each time. If I stop time will I be able to understand what is happening now? I wonder if I will be able to see me or you or what passes front of us. How long a moment can last? What can happen in a moment? How many steps do we need for a bigger the space? How many moments will we have?



15|16.09 - 20:00 | a moment

When the Night Fell Away from the Sea [Music] | Sarah Alden and Kyle Sanna

Moments are periods of attunement to the now as it moves through time. A moment is the hourglass of shared experience between one’s awareness and one’s environment, often set against an emotional landscape.

Interacting with nature is to be continually reminded of the many systems operating beyond our control. There is no way to pause or replay nature’s processes. When the clouds open, when the fish jumps, when thunder wakes us, we have the choice to pay attention. These moments do not demand our attention, but in giving our attention they dissolve the boundaries between our selves and our environment.

Reservations 97813171

Residency duration 4 days</span> 


A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments 2016 [Performance Art] | Dimitra Kallitsi

Concept/curation/text editing- Demetra Kallitsi, Mentor- Ariana Marcoulides

Based on the book ‘A Lover’s Discourse’ by the French literary theorist, philosopher, linguist, critic, and semiotician Roland Barthes, the performance aims to re-contextualize Barthes’ theories on the identity of ‘The Lover’ ‘and ‘The Beloved Subject/The Other’, by exploring the discourse of a romantic relationship through a theoretical, philosophical and practical approach.

Reservations 99779007

Residency duration 2 days


29|30.09- 21:00 | a moment

Tide [Audio Visual - Performance] | Ouroboros

Performance- Nicolas Kasinos, Visuals- Jeremy Carne

Tide’ is an exploration of time as duration, examining the conflict and flux between stasis and kinesis. An original audio-visual performance from Ouroboros, ‘Tide’ creates an environment where the effect of time becomes perceptible and the correlation between memory and experience is investigated through movement. Reflecting on three axioms of time: past, present and future, in an attempt to analyse and represent its form.

Reservations 99629610

Residency duration 5 days


06|07.10- 20:00 | a moment

First time of Time [performance] | Dimitris Chimonas

Concept/realization- Dimitris Chimonas

“Old Year it’s your turn to go
The younger one has arrived

Bringing joy and gifts!”

The audience is invited to the celebration of a new era, on October 6th and 7th 2016.

Reservations  99430519

Residency duration 4 days


14| 15.10- 19:00 | a moment

Planting the Sensorium [performance art] | Νikolina Stylianou

Concept/idea/performance- Nicolina Stylianou, Music engineer/ music instrument developer- Stelios Andreou, Visual Artist- Μaria Ioannou

Does the past experiences influence my psychological condition? Am I just a residue of the past? and if I am, what type of deep communications, the human existence may be experiencing?

Reservations 99146221

Residency duration 5 days


29|30|31.10- 20:30 | a moment

Angeliki [theatre] | Fly Theatre

Original Text- Angeliki Matthaiou, Text adaptation- Katerina Damvoglou, Directed/Created- Katerina Damvoglou, Robin Beer, Jorge Arbert., Performers- Katerina Damvoglou, Robin Beer, Nektarios Theodorou, Set/Costume/Sound/Light design- Fly Theatre

A Monologue for Three- A true story.

The plight of the refugee is as current a theme as ever.

Three actors, with simple means - puppetry, mime and their bodies - tell the life journey of Angeliki Matthaiou from Asia Minor to Crete. A story that echoes as strongly as ever 100 years later. Because our life can change completely in a moment. 

Reservations 99219103

Residency duration 5 days


04|05|06.11- 20:30 | a moment

Click [Choreotheatre] - Aelion Dance Company

Choreography/direction- Fotini Perdikaki, Performers- Fotis Nikolaou, Hamilton Monteiro, Alexia Perdikaki, Rania Glymitsa

We will explore the approach and the need for the 'rigged' image of the old photographers, and the embarrassment resulting from the then importance of the shoot, unlike our era where technological evolution took this uniqueness and turned it into a routine.

Reservations 99375877- 97890601

Residency duration 5 days



07|08.11- 15:00- 20:00 (open rehearsals) | Work in Progress

Αbundance [Performance image+sound] | Penelope Vasquez Hadjilyra

Moments are continuous→ Moments are continuous and are rebooted when the realization of participation occurs→ The realization of participation occurs with the assistance of reference points→ Reference points are required for us to make some sense of the world.

Time constitutes a phenomenologically real experience and by juxtaposing and layering sounds and images, the project aims for the generation of such reference points. The reference points are to generate moments of no deliberate event that can become moments of importance or moments of consequence.

Reservations 95608645

Residency duration 2 days


14.11- 20:30 | a moment

Point R [performance] - Parebrise Ensemble

Visual artist- Christos Avraam, Actress- Nayia Anastasiadou, Musician- Christopher Constantinou (Kris Grecian), Choreographer/dancer- Marina Poyiadji, Author- Stefanos Stavridis

Through a 30-minute performance that will include movement, live percussion, text and visual art, Parebrise Ensemble attempts to examine the moment of personal revolution/revolt (of the individual) against forms of power and social conventions that limit expression and individual freedom. By posing (or attempting to articulate)

questions, the artists seek to state that the personal revolution is not only a moment of transcendence, but also an attempt to redefine our relationship with other people, as well as a necessary process for self-determination.

Reservation 99407862

Residency duration 3 days


18|19.11 -21:00| improvisations

άκ02 [music] | Emiddio Vasquez

Antonis Antoniou, Pandelis Diamantides, Panagiotis Mina, Emiddio Vasquez

άκ02 is a bimonthly series of sound events that strives to make up (for) the necessary time that a local history of electronic music would have needed to emerge. It is a narrative of that history but in reverse, and as such, its events will vary ordinally in both character and location.

For theYard Residency, άκ02 presents two nights of improvised sound by four local electronic musicians using interconnected analogue and digital modular synthesizers (max/msp). The duets will give an interesting twist to the idea of improvisation, since their very own instruments will be altered by their counterpart, and vice versa.


Since modular synthesizers have no memory to recall from and improvisation is an immediate form of composition, the audience is encouraged to attend both nights and see whether any “moments” can be recalled from the night before.

Reservation: 99212005

Residency duration: 2 days


21|22|23.11- 20:30 | a moment

The dust is expected to retreat by tomorrow [theatre] | Enact Theatre guest

Actresses- Elena Kallinikou, Marina Makris, Artistic Advisor- Evita Ioannou

The performance is a devised piece that has as a starting point the expression “live in the moment”. With a collection of material from personal and awkward family moments, moments that we are all forced to experience on a daily basis. Through out this material we will try to reconstruct this moment of dialogues, monologues, and discussions with our perception. Our target is to explore the meaning of being present in the moment, as we believe that “a moment” does not exist in time but lives in infinity.

Reservations 96477431

Residency duration 4 days

02|03|04.12- 21:00 | a moment

Derestricted [dance performance/ video installation] | Suzana Phialas

Creation/Choreography/Direction/Video Installation- Suzana Phialas, Performers- Alexia Perdikaki, Rania Glymitsa, Music/Sound Manipulation- Suzana Phialas, Technical Assistance/Photography- Pavlos Vrionides

Desire becomes the place and space where one can feel guilt-free by his/her actions. The distance between reality and imagination constantly lessens and exhausts itself in the illusion and the absurdities of everyday life.

Reservations 99377728

Residency duration 5 days


08|09.12- 21:00 | a moment

quest [dance] Vision Q/ Aneesha Michael

Performer- Aneesha Michael, Sculptor- Kyriakos Kadis, Advisor- Bush Hartshorn

Quest is an intimate solo performance or is it a duet? Between a woman and a brilliant white sculpture (very narrow stairs ) of K yriakos Kadis. Wearing only a vivid red turban she rolls, climbs and balances precariously on its edge. She offers us images of strength, vulnerability, persecution and submission. All of this supported by the huge music of G abriel Faure’s Requiem.

Reservations 96306617

Residency duration 2 days


Period A’ March- August
Center of Performing Arts MITOS

2016 is the sixth consecutive year of the theYard.Residency and this time the program will be presented with a renewed structure. There will be two open calls: the first period of the residency program will cover entries for March-August and the second period for September-December. The theYard.Residency.16 accepts proposals from young and more experienced artists, groups, organizations mainly from Cyprus, and also in order to support exchange and mobility, artists from abroad are welcomed. All proposals must be relevant to this year’s theme:

The duration of a moment.
“Does this moment now exist?” N.Kazantzakis
As a bet that appears each time. If I stop time will I be able to understand what is happening now? I wonder if I will be able to see me or you or what passes front of us. How long a moment can last? What can happen in a moment? How many steps do we need for a bigger the space? How many moments will we have?


03.04.16 - 11:30 | a moment in the playground
Thodoris Kostidakis/ ΚαραγκιόΖΕΙΣ παντού!
Karagiozis’ Engagement [Shadow Theatre]

Reservation 96 845705

This performance is a traditional comedy of Greek shadow theatre, adapted to contemporary life. It is for children and families but suitable for all the ages. Karagiozis gets employed as a servant at a rich man’s house in order to welcome his guests who come to meet his young and beautiful daughter, as she is going to choose to marry one of them. As usual, Karagiozis overturns everything…
The performance will be in Greek.
Thodoris Kostidakis is a shadow-theatre performer, a drama workshops facilitator, with university studies on architecture and holds an MA on theories of space and design. He learned the art of shadow theatre from his father, Takis Kostidakis – including performing and figure making.
In 2012, he started the project “ΚαραγκιόΖΕΙΣ παντού!” with ‘Arts and Moods Workshop’, in which he collaborates with several artists and artistic teams, in order to suggest events and performances based on the art of shadow theatre.

10.04.16- 16:00- 18:00 | a moment in the playground
Eidekanou Theatre
Hide and chase [theatre workshop for children]

Reservation 99 849598- 96 670490

An interactive theatre adventure for children, based on the story of Beatrice Rodriquez «The Chicken Thief»

Α sly fox steals a lovely chicken. An adventure begins with chases through the woods and by the sea begins when bear, rabbit, and rooster try to save their friend.

Eidekanou Theatre organizes a theatre - workshop for children ag.6-10, inspired by Beatrice Rodriguez’ no-words story «The Chicken Thief».

The workshop includes:
● story-telling by the performers
● physical animation of the book characters
● improvisations through role-games
● recreating spaces and locations of the story using card-boxes
● performing the story using the set created by the children

Workshop goals:
● to understand the story through games and practical engagement
● to create an original set using an ordinary material (cardbox)
● to communicate in a collaborative manner and to create work together
Working language: Greek

18/19.04.16 - 20:30 | a moment
In the shade
«Of Shadows and Men»: based on the legend of the creation of Karagiozis [Storytelling |Shadow Theatre|Music]

Reservation 96 845705

Karagiozis is the master builder at the construction of Brusha Pasha’s

new palace which is delayed as Karagiozis makes fun all the time with the workers. After being threatened by the Pasha and advised by Hadjiavatis, he becomes by coincidence a hero for the workers and a nightmare for Pasha.
The art of storytelling meets Karagiozis shadow theatre and live music, through a river of legendary moments which is reborn every time we narrate it, just like all the archetypical stories. Legends are untouchable moments that derive from the past as well as from the present. Time and space become relevant, power and revolution need re-foundation anew, image and essence behind it compete with each other, propaganda and conscience mix, wealth and poverty become unable to produce a sense of identity.
Comedy and tragedy coexist in a performance where shadows dominate – as subject and an expressive means.

29.04.16- 18:00 | a moment
Achim Wieland
Egoland [performance]

Reservation by

What if you were able to build a human being?
A person. Your very own individual. How would it turn out to be?
«Egoland» investigates the particular moment in time where impersonal and global forces leave us exposed and vulnerable to any new dogma, political movement, religion, populist sentiment or heroic figure. It explores the threshold in which we accept oppressive behavior, forfeit individual freedom for national interests, accept total surveillance – eventually excuse the most atrocious acts of injustice and violence.
The devised performance questions our motivations and choices to live as critical πολίτες (citizens) or to remain lost particles in a silent mass, pulsing to the rhythms of powerful forces we cannot understand, partake of, or reply to. «Egoland» uses an interactive format to explore the intervention of the audience as a sample of civil courage. Starting as a classic monologue, the performer gradually allows the viewer to influence his actions, color his sentiments, and shape the path of the narrative – making the audience responsible for the outcome.

22.05- 20:00 | Improvisations
Eidekanou Theatre
Moments of an intimate life: Yiorgis tis Mpourmpainas [theatre]

Reservation 99849598 - 96670490

Moments of an intimate life: Yiorgis tis Mpourmpainas
A first attempt to approach Alexandros Papadiamantis’ short story Eros Iros /Love Hero.
Theatre Eidekanou is interested in how the contemporary spectator encounters a text written in a different era and in an elaborately crafted language, very different from the spoken one, even at the time that it was written. Two questions arise from Theatre Eidekanou choice to work with a story by one of the most influential Greek writers:
-Ιs Papadiamantis’ work timeless and if yes, which elements make his work so?
- In which way Papadiamantis’ language can be embodied today so that contemporary spectators understand, feel and identify with the characters of his stories?

During the open rehearsal in Yard Residency Theatre Eidekanou will use:
• improvisations and experiments stimulated by short extracts of the story
• minimum scenography elements
• live and/or recorded soundscapes related to the story

The story narrates the unfulfilled love of the young sailor Yiorgis with his child-friend Arhonto and unfolds when his friend is getting married with another man. Moreover, Yiorgis will have to take with his boat the newly married couple and Arhonto’s mother to the groom’s village. During the trip, Yiorgis imagines himself taking part in different scenarios of averting the marriage between Arhonto and her husband. In the end of the story, Yiorgis fails to take any action and decides to accept his fate.

Greek Language

27|28.05.16- 20:30 | a moment]
Studio Matejka
Charmolypi [theatre]

Reservation 99 985232

Charmolypi was produced and premiered at The Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, Poland in 2013. Charmolypi is made of the performer’s personal stories told through the body. Where words fail, the story of the body is born. It contains the missing pieces of yourself that can be used to pull yourself out of an existential crisis, out of the zero point of existence – to return to yourself, to life or death.
The performance is a sort of map charting the thoughts of a woman who struggles with the uncertainty of what is a dream and what is her failure to understand herself in the real world.
The Greek word charmolypi encompasses the duality at the root of human experience. Loosely translated, it means “bittersweet” or “joyful sorrow”. On a more earthly level, elderly people are often said to have charmolypi because of their accumulation of experience.Charmolypi has performed in Poland, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, USA and UK.
“The water has to fall. Time passes drop by drop. A whole world is in chaos. A minute of silence for the desperate ones. For the WAITING ones...
In the emptiness with no expectation nor hope, only memory can bring the light.
If the body were a writing pen: you write, stop, refill the pen with ink, write again... If only it were a pen.” Alexandra KazazouM

29.05.16- 12:00- 16:30 | a moment
Alexandra Kazazou
The Radiant Body [seminar]

Reservation 99 985232

In this Masterclass the participants will have the opportunity to experience exersices that lead to an almost anatomic aproach to the body and the breath of a performer towards a radiant body -performer .Always within the Ensemble Energie.

09|10.06.16 - 20:30 | a moment
Fado Mediterraneo
Fado Mediterraneo [music]

Reservation 99 521082

Fado is the distinctive urban music of Portugal, an integral part of Portuguese culture, life and expression. A remarkable music tradition that remains lively and sparkling despite having a long history of almost two hundred years.
Fado Mediterraneo is the encounter of four Limassol-based musicians that have joined forces to perform Fado in their own unique way, incorporating Mediterranean elements and flavours to Portuguese traditions. Fado Mediterraneo is a developing project that ripens steady and slowly under the Cyprus sun hoping to grow its roots and to fascinate the local audiences in the process.

24|26.06.16 - 21:00 | a moment
Truth well faked [physical theatre]

Reservations 99 261838

One of the first images which initiated the process of the piece was a boy in Syria screaming from his deathbed ‘I will tell everything to God’. This image together with many others talk of an era that leaves uneasy those not suffering. The piece therefore emerged out of the guilt adults feel, knowing their generation is to blame for the death of nearby children.
The work sheds light on the tragic which is inspired by horrific true stories which are revealed within the space of the theatre which is a fake circumstance.
What meaning is there to art if it doesn’t remind us of the responsibility we should have towards life!

01|02.07.16 - 20:30 | μια στιγμή
Marianna Michael
You See? [music]

Reservation 96 846169

That moment! That particular moment that changes everything. That moment that alters our reality, and triggers our senses.
An audiovisual journey based on true and personal events. An attempt to recreate a memory as it

happened, through my own perspective, triggering once again my own as well as your own senses. Leading us to the question... Do we understand reality at a given moment as everything changes?
This audiovisual journey will be produced with the use of a loop station and other electronic equipment, as well as with the use of natural sounds, instruments, spoken word, movement, lights and visuals.

04-10.07 | a moment
Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts
Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary art [ artistic residency| symposium]

Reservation: 99 023419


Symposium / artist’s residency exploring notions and issues relating to dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art which impact contemporary practices;
The influence of the art market on the creative process, its shaping of our perceptions of art, the role of mass culture, education and the influence of politics and disparate ideologies on artistic trends; Conditions that raise questions and foster philosophical dialogues aiming toward useful redefinitions of values in art.
Artistic evolution, escapism and exit strategies are some of the issues to be discussed at the symposium.

26|27.08- 20:35 | improvisations
Ek Drasis
Omfalos (Navel) [performance]

Reservations 97 604083

Our proposal undertakes to comprehend the meaning and the significance of the moment, through the storytelling, the physical theater, the tales and the interaction with the audience. How long does a moment last? Which moments have defined the developments in the most important plays? Is a moment created through physical contact?
What will define our play, is how the audience will respond to the course of improvisation. We will start with the narration of Aristophanes’ legend at Plato's Symposium: “The story of round people” and the punishment of the mortals; something that always reminds us of our navel. We will then continue with the cycle’s semiology theory of Ferdinand de Saussure, the moments of Tennessee Williams in the play “Suddenly last summer” and the decision of Juliet in the play of Akis Dimou. Finally, we will try to explore the moment’s feeling through the bodies of two actors, two halves that trying to be one (or not).
The moments of the actors and the team will be combined with the moments of the audience. We will ask the audience to describe us one moment that marked their lives. Their moments will become our moments, live at the show, in order to soften their scars through our play as in the case of Kavvadia’s Englishman stoker with the tattoos on his body. The audience will have the opportunity to look at their own stories through our perspective. In doing so, a new perception of the moment may be created.

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