The Center of Performing Arts MITOS presents for the 7th consecutive year the theYard.Residency.17, an artistic residency programme, which is realized in the space of Old Vinegar Factory in Limassol.

theYard was Lukasz Walewski’s idea, an idea for an artistic meeting, with creators from all fields of performing arts, for a common creation, on a common theme. The result was a 3-day festival, with the participation more of 25 artists. The next year, the organization renamed it to theYard.Residency, a residency programme. The aim was to provide an artistic house, because of the limited sponsorships for the culture. Every year, theYard.Residency is sketched according to the needs of the artistic community and the possibilities of the organizators.

Today, the residency programme is active during all year, the yearly schedule is formed after an open call for creators and artistic groups from all fields of arts, from Cyprus and abroad. The programme continues to support the artistic creation, new ideas, the dialogue between artists and audience, the exchange and communication between artists and motivates the artists themselves to take charge of their own productions. The programme aims to preserve a platform for performing arts at the Old Vinegar House and to encourage the redefinition of performing arts according to the needs of artists today and in line with the capacities of MITOS. The theYard.Residency.17 seeks proposals from young artists that need artistic or practical support and from experienced artists with fresh ideas from Cyprus or abroad. The program also calls organisations, that offer opportunities of participation in their own platforms and spaces in order to support exchange and mobility.

theYard team (Elena Agathokleous - Program Coordination, Lukasz Walewski - Manager of Old Vinegar Factory, Constantina Peter - Production, Eleana Alexandrou- Host) proposed for this year's event a more specific structure of the program, divided into categories for better support of the participants in terms of hospitality, advertising, artistic creation, and communication with the public:

Premiere - This category refers to proposals that the Center of Performing Arts MITOS will act as a co-producer. For these participations, the Old Vinegar House along with its equipment will be provided for a month of rehearsals, a premiere and two additional performances. The income out of these three performances belongs exclusively to the artist(s). This new category aims to support the performing arts scene and the artistic mobility.
For 2017, MITOS has already chosen two productions after previous collaboration; one of the productions is a work that has begun in theYard.Residency.16 as a work-in-progress in residency.

Residency - Artists that seek space for the making of a new work or developing existing ideas in the fields of theatre, dance, performance art, music and visual art. According to the projects selected a mentor will be chosen to work with the artists. The residency lasts for a week (Monday - Sunday). On the seventh day the maker is required to present the outcomes, either publicly or to a selected audience, followed by a discussion. The Old Vinegar House along with its equipment will be supplied for free.

24hr shot - Impulsive artistic actions from the fields of music, literature, theatre, dance, etc. An opportunity for experimentation or presentation of completed ideas. The Old Vinegar House will be available for up to 24 hours.

2. The programme for the theYard.Residency.17
(Selection team: Maria Kyriakou - Director, Eleana Alexandrou – Performance Maker, Constantina Peter – Theatrologist/ Dramaturge, Lukasz Walewski – Director/ Co-coordinator Centre of Performing Arts MITOS )

Residency – visual art | interactive installation
03.02 | 19:30
Mesh spatial design studio
Parallel Cities
Parallel Cities is an interactive spatial experience installation questioning the recent development boost of Limassol, following on from the studio’s manifesto on questioning identities, beliefs and preconceptions through design and technology.

The Old Vinegar Factory is partitioned laterally to create two spaces featuring the two parts of the installation, providing an opportunity for the visitors to choose between construction or conservation. The project makes use of installation art and projection mapping to question whether the new seafront developments have improved the city or have overshadowed its culture and history.

Architect/artist – Antonis Stylianou, Architect/urban designer – Antreas Papallas, Mentor- Elena Kotasvili

Information – 99 209751
Residency duration – 5 days

Residency – performance Lecture
12.02 | 18:00
Rodia Vomvolou
Under-standing dramaturgy
The performance lecture «Under-standing dramaturgy» is a work in progress emerged as a practice-based response to a research on the practice of dramaturgy in contemporary dance.

Having as starting point the perception of the spectators of what may dramaturgy is and with the use of a theoretical discourse but also humor, it attempts to explore some issues on dramaturgy.
At the same time, the body of the performer-researcher on stage, functions as a signifier point, raising questions about the position of the dramaturg. After the show there will be held a structured feedback session as developed by Das Theatre University.

Concept/ research/ on stage- Rodia Vomvolou , Artistic collaborator- Eleni Anastasiou, Μentor- Eleana Alexandrou

Reservations – 99818208
Residency duration – 7 μέρες

Premiere – Theatre
04.03| 18:00 (οpen rehearsal- reservation via e-mail:
28,29.03 | 20:30 (Performances at Rialto Theatre)
31.03| 18:00 (Roundtable discussion at Old Vinegar Factory)
Achim Wieland
«There are times of the I, and there are times of the We. Eras in which we are concerned with community, and eras in which the belief in the individual determines the spirit of the times». Today, promoted and reinforced by media and mainstream popular culture, we make room for the narcissist in its most extreme form.
«Egoland.» is a Swedish-Cypriot-German Collaboration under the direction of Achim Wieland which investigates our complex “Ego” and the subtle impersonal and global forces which leave us exposed and vulnerable to any new dogma, political movement, religion, populist sentiment or heroic figure. Where is the threshold in which we accept oppressive behavior, forfeit individual freedom for national interests, eventually excuse even the most atrocious acts of injustice and violence?
The devised performance questions our motivations and choices to live as critical πολίτες (citizens) or to remain lost particles in a silent mass, pulsing to the rhythms of powerful forces we cannot understand, partake in, or reply to.

Direction/Dramaturgy- Achim Wieland, Collaborator/Performer- Martin Nick Alexandersson, Script in collaboration with Performer and Artistic Team, Advisor/Dramaturgy- Marios Ioannou, Research/Dramaturgy/Support- Rania Iakovou, Script Advisor- Isabel Evers, Set / Environment- Achim Wieland, Costume: Martin Nick Alexanderson, Music- Per-Linus Westberg / Timmie Strandberg (original soundtracks) with excerpts from J.S. Bach, Bernard Herrmann (among others), Hair/Styling- Marios Neophytou

Information- 96 537113
Residency duration- 1 month

24shot – music
06.05 | 20:30
Dimitris Spyrou
Acapella solo loop : YΠΟ-ΠΟΙΗΣΗ
Dimitris Spyrou is a musician-performer from Limassol.

He composes music for dance and theater performances, in which he participate either as a composer or as a performer on stage. He participated theater , dance and music performances in festivals in Cyprus and abroad.
Acapella solo loop is his personal musical project. Seeking a simplified way of thinking towards personal expression, his artistic creation focuses on the voice as a standalone instrument, as a source of rhythm and melody and experiences as the main source of inspiration
In 2013 he released his first solo album titled "Concerns of a calm mind." To celebrate his new record attempt, he proposes a performance- action based in ritual repetition, in experiments with beats, samples, improvised musical instruments, lyrics and selected poems.

Musician- Dimitris Spyrou

Reservations – 99 098255
Residency duration – 24 ώρες

Residency – theatre
Eleni Anastasiou
Magdalenes’ project
5 women narrate their story. Stories inspired by the women's shelters

know as "Magdalenes’ laundries " where women were imprisoned for exemplification. A society that considered their sexuality as a sin, accused them of being unethical. Female sexuality is consider as delinquent when it goes beyond what society allows. Not just in Ireland back then, but in every society today. The performance is the result of a weekly workshop devised theater based on raw materials, historical documents, personal stories and it is a work in progress.

Idea/coordination- Eleni Anastasiou, Actors- Elena Kallinikou, Marina Makri, Lydia Tzanoudaki, Μarina Argyridou, Artistic collaborators- Rodia Vomvolou, Charis Charalambous, Μentor- Elena Agathokleous (all the artistic team will be announced at a further stage)

Reservation – 99 818208
Residency duration – 7 days

24hour shot – physicality
in collaboration with Dance House Lemesos
Flash Dance
Flash Dance is organised by Dance House Lemesos in collaboration with the Center of Performing Arts MITOS as part of theYard.Residency.17. Flash Dance is a platform that offers the opportunity to artists in the fields of performing arts (with movement as the basic tool) to share their ideas to an audience in a context where craft and style are not a criterion but duration is (up to 10')!

With the completion of the presentations, a feedback discussion will take place amongst the audience and artists that will be invited to watch the mini-marathon.

The call will be announced in March 2017 and it is open to both young and experienced artists. For more information contact or visit Dance House Lemesos (
Information- 25340618/ 97 879793
Residency duration – 24 hours

Residency – theatre
18.06 | 20:30
Dimitris Chimonas, Antreas Patsias
Patsias the man.
This is a collaboration seeking to devise a language for the solo male on stage, his responsibilities and shortcomings, referring to urban myths and pop culture.

Dimitris Chimonas, Antreas Patsias, Mentor- Louiza Papaloizou

Reservation - 99 170281
Residency duration – 7 days

24hour shot – stand up comedy
30.06 | 21:00
Yorgos Kyriakou
Sexou confronts sexual fronts
Yorgos Kyriakou commonly known as Sexouala, interprets and performs Yorgo Kuriakou, Dimitri XXX, Mr Cyprus, Pink Sieftalia, Lices and Politically correct British Sexoualouthkia as he invites you in an amorous power game in a mysterious forest of Japan.

Actor- Yorgos Kyriakou

Reservations – 99 561639
Residency duration – 24 hours

Residency – theatre
09.07 | 20:30
Ο δάσκαλος μας εν τρόλ

Dennis Kelly’s play “Our Teacher’s a Troll” has been translated entirely in Cypriot and its title reads as “Ο Δασκαλος μας εν Τρολλ”. It is an imaginative and playful adventure. Actually it’s more like a narration of an adventure since what unravels in front of us is not the plot but its narration. Like a fairytale.
- You don’t immediately understand, Mary said, who speaks!
- Why, asked Andrew
-Why? Asked the teacher.
- Because as you see, the indication of who speaks, is within the sentence, said the one who writes, and not in the beginning as it is the norm.
Facilator- Yorgos Kyriakou, Mentor- Maria Kyriakou

Reservations – 99 561639
Residency duration – 7 days

24hour shot – theatre
14.07 | 21:00
Bande Gerste
/THISiA/ a story

/THISiA/ a story.
A threefold narration -based on the Binding of Isaac- using the Rashomon Effect. An experimental theatrical performance for the boundaries of the theatrical means. (Open discussion with the spectators will follow the performance)
Concept/Direction/Dramaturgy- Kritharas Georgios, Performer- Ninikas Aris

Reservations - 97 879793
Residency duration – 24 hours

24hour shot – devising theatre| presentation of the creative process

08.09 | 20:30
Charalambia Theophanous
Inside Devising : Rebecca

Devising theatre is a highly dramatic process of making something out of nothing, yet the audience only ever sees the fnal product. Using as a premise the performance "Rebecca", the audience gets to witness parts of this creative process, how things began and how they transformed, as well as talk about it at the end. "Rebecca" is an exploration into grief and solitude inspired by G.G. Marques, greek myths and sephardic songs. It wil be part of Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture.

Creator/ performer - Charalambia Theophanous, Costume- Gina Constandinou, Photography- Elias Kamaratos

Reservations - 99 284236
Residency duration – 24 hours

Residency - theatre
24.09| 21:00
Τhe Ice Cream Van
Blood Red Roses

Inspired by the private lives of famous dictators, Blood Red Roses invites the audience into an ordinary night of a not-so-ordinary couple. This is a theatre piece created through devising, bouffons and clowning.
Loukia Pierides and Sylvain Chevet met in 2012 whilst training at Ecole Jacques Lecoq. Sylvain was the Ping to Loukia’s Pong and they created their first show Hunger at the Brighton Fringe in 2015. Blood Red Roses is their second collaboration.

Performers- Loukia Pieridou, Sylvain Chevet, Mento- Diomedes Koufteros

Reservations- 99 319120
Residency duration – 7 days

Premiere - theatre
25,26, 27.11| 20:30
Evita Ioannou
Dark Vanilla Jungle

Andrea keeps getting asked if she’s ashamed.
Ashamed of what she did to the soldier.
Of what she did to the baby.
But Andrea’s not ashamed at all.
And she wants to tell you why…

Director : Evita Ioannou, Actress- Elena Kallinikou, Artistic Advisor - Theodoulos Polyviou, Movement- Lia Haraki, Music Supervisor- Marianna Michael

Reservation – 99 629610
Residency duration– 1 month