Artistic Residency Program


This year we are counting the 12th organization of the artistic residency program, theYard.Residency with the 2022 version under the theme “Testimonies from the years of  Great Dreams”. The space of Vinegar Factory hosts all these years stories and activities of creators and groups, still functioning as an Open Stage, as discussed by D. Massay: “Openness of a space is only its constitutional quality to be constantly under construction”.

The thematic “Testimonies from the years of Great Dreams” is a variation of a phrase from the text “Dying as a Country” by D. Dimitriadis. It appears as a necessity, to recognize the past and what we have inherited, while developing an active attitude as creators and citizens, for new, more democratic and more inclusive readings and narratives, defining even Limassol as a place of action.

The theYard.Residency.22 is organized during the year and includes a very interesting and diverse program created after an Open Call. It involves five new productions and three parallel events, with professional creators or artistic groups working in the field of theater and performance, who live and work in Cyprus. At the same time, the program is supplemented with an introductory information day, collaborations with other organizations and performing arts labs. These labs operate for the first time, as a pilot, within the framework of the program, mainly to strengthen the dialogue around the topics of the residency and to offer practical and theoretical tools to the creators by specialized educators/professionals.

MITOS with the theYard.Residency supports artistic creation, experimentation and methodology, exchange and mobility of creators, dialogue between artists and the public. It started as a need for artistic encounter and exchange and over the years has evolved into a vibrant platform for developing and circulating ideas.

Elena Agathokleous – Artistic Director of the program



theYard.Residency.22 program

parallel event


a reading of Lysistrata | staged reading

03.04 | 20:30

information 99870585

Based on the comedy by Aristophanes, the group re-tells the story of Lysistrata and re-writes the play with contemporary references. Through the reading the team will talk about issues related to gender equality, gender-based violence, femicide, misogyny, patriarchy, institutional sexism and our “Peloponnesian” problem.

Dramaturgy: Chara Lambrianidou, Fotis Fotou. Director: Fotis Fotiou. Scenography: Thelma Cassoulidou. Assistant Director: Chara Lambrianidou. Performers: Teresa Evripidou, Fotis Fotiou.


parallel event

Evie Karsera, Aristi Spyrou

Τελικά η Λεμεσός κάμνει σεξ; | lecture performance

11,12.06 | 20:30

πληροφορίες | information  97719545, 99920779


A research about the sexul activity in Limassol, initiates from the 80’s to today. According to people from other cities, Limassol was referred by many as a “sex town”, throughout the years. Does this label appealing to today’s actions? Could we still use this characterization, as an erotically and far more as a sensual city? Do desires change? And what the bodies desire now? And finally, do we notice that people evolving and liberating sexuly, or fear and shame are dominating the most natural humans’ desire? By taking those questions, we will put them together under our microscope, and  we believe we will be able to answer that: Does Limassol do sex?

Creative team: Evie Karsera and Aristi Spyrou


Ioulita Toumazi, Pananyiotis Mina, Nayia Anastasiadou

Setting the Codes for the Heart of a Dream | audiovisual performance

24,25,26.06 | 20:30

information 97701010


In an undefined future, an A.I. is researching the existence of dreams, a concept that has long been obsolete. It analyses data on music, cinema, and literature from the past. Audience and A.I. delve deep into the world of dreams, revealing both their complexity and that of life itself.

Αrt Theorist: Ioulita Toumazi. Audiovisual Producer: Panayiotis Mina. Actress: Nayia Anastasiadou.


George Rallis

Cartwheel | performance

08,09,10.07 | 20:00

information 99005691


“Cartwheel” is a story of a timely executed panic attack. An attack from memory, from identification and from a nostalgic storytelling. Inspired from real life events, this monologue weaves together memories of friends gone, of social awareness and of futures that are yet to come. In a personal manner, George Rallis narrates memories of different people, from different timelines, that speak and critique social aspects of disability, queerness, feminism and love. How do you create a community? Is it with force, or is it with chance?

Direction/Performance: George Rallis. Sound technician: Loukas Kalebournos. Text contribution: Giannis Papadakis. Movement consultant: Belinda Papavasileiou.
Costumes & Styling : Eleni Oronti.
*further contributors will be announced in a further stage


parallel event

ONsite Project

I am here. Can you hear me? | immersive installation

05,06,07.08 | 18:00 loop

information 99 106321

“I am here. Can you hear me” is an immersive installation, which deals with the notion of lost dreams, stuff which were lost, moments and memories within the city people think are forgotten. However, nothing is forgotten, nothing really goes away. Everything leaves a trace, unnoticed, but there. It remains hidden somewhere within, waiting to resurface, waiting to be heard. So let us guide you to a place of forgotten dreams, a place that speaks for itself, a place which screams; “I am HERE, can you hear me?”

Idea: Aristi Pavlou. Design/Dramaturgy/Light design: Ioanna Papamichalopoulou, Aristi Pavlou, Anni Shiakalli.


ΛΑrts productions

Granny Smith Revisited |  theatre

09,10,11.09 | 20:30

information 96832843

The Granny Smith apple variety is considered the best for making apple pies. The variety  appeared for the first time in the australian countryside, in Granny Smith’s garden. My garden, in the cypriot countryside, in our big village has entanglement, scandals, distances. The performance is about the role of women in the countryside during pandemic, before and after.

Direction/Text/Dramaturgy: Aggela Stavrou, Loucas Stavrou. Performer: Aggela Stavrou. Artistic advisor: Dimitris Chimonas. Set/Costumes: Julia Georgiadou. Technical supervision: Elias Sofronides. Photography: Loucas Stavrou.


Intra Portas 

Το topouin | Documentary theatre performance

29,30.10.22 | 20:00

information 96569715

Where do you hang out with your friends?  If we ask you about your hangouts, what would you say ?

The documentary theatre performance “to topouin mou ” explores the meaning of hangouts in the neighborhoods of Limassol throughout the coexistence of generations.  Following the constant change that the city undergoes, we study with a group of teenagers* the meaning of the city itself and the importance of the hangouts. What is defined as a city and what remains intact in time? The city or its children?

Dramaturgy/Direction: Eleni Anastasiou. Conception/Drama facilitator: Nayia T. Karacosta. Video/Montage: Skevi Laou.

* the group of teenagers will be formed after an open call – stay tuned


Αnnie Khoury

NON_BINARY PROJECT : VOL[2] 01001100 01010000_ | performance
25,26,27.11 | 20:30
information 99018828

Does ‘free will’ exist? How many versions does a caress have? A performance? Let existence be called Existence and love be called No fear.

NON BINARY PROJECT is electronic, almost auto-generated and fabulously raw. It’s a dance performance or a theatre performance, a soirée of surrealistic poetry, a confession or a gymnastics class, all of these and at the same time something new –non-binary. NB is a narration of beauty, patriarchy, violence and their meeting points.

An underground party with strass, where the performers –through the interaction with the audience- are called to recompose the act (synthiki), in a ‘synthetic’ game of endless versions.

Performers: Panayiotis Tofi, Annie Khoury. Text/Choreography/Set+Costumes/Sound Design: Annie Khoury. Video Art: Angelos Charalambous.


theYard.Residency.22 team
Artistic Direction, Production Management: Elena Agathokleous
Coordination, Host: Constantina Peter

Promotion: Loukia Vassiliou
Technical Administration: Martinos Thalassetis
Graphics: ReCompulsive Behaviours
Logo: Despina Kannaourou

Μany thanks to  the actor Nectarios Thoedorou and to the artistic director of Queer Wave Diego Armando Aparicio for their participation in the selection team of theYard.Residency.22