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Open Call for participation



The Center of Performing Arts MITOS announces the Open Call for participation in the artistic residency program, theYard.Residency.22, and invites professional creators or artistic groups working in the field of theater and performance to respond with proposals on the thematic Testimonies from the years of Great Dreams, for the program of 2022.



What is theYard.Residency:

The Center of Performing Arts MITOS organizes the annual residency program of theYard.Residency since 2011, based at the art space Vinegar Factory, in Lemesos. It is a residency program that involves creators and groups from Cyprus and abroad, and promotes contemporary approaches, theories and methods aimed at strengthening the performing arts in Cyprus, especially theater and performance fields. It is evolving into an important platform for free artistic expression, experimentation, exchange and dialogue, through inter-artistic and interdisciplinary collaborations. During each year, new productions and activities are presented, inside and outside Vinegar Factory (often with original texts), many of which are participating afterwards in other events in Cyprus and abroad.



The theme:

As the artistic curator of the program, Elena Agathokleous, notes: “The understanding and response of the participants on the general theme of MITOS for 2022 will signify importantly the shape this year’s edition of theYard.Residency: Testimonies from the years of Great Dreams, is a revisited version of a phrase from the text Dying as a Country by D. Dimitriadis. And while the testimonies from the years of great dreams include the shadow of the unfulfilled and even the lost, we choose to ignore it by violating time. How can the past be connected to the present, till the testimonies are transformed into new actions. How the new actions will be traced and communicated during the year that we will go through.”


theYard.Residency.22 completes and defines the place: today, here in the city, in Lemesos for example. The Open Call is essentially an invitation to discuss the place where we are, with what has been handed down to us, even the history and mythology of the city, and to develop through theater and performance new narratives and to let other voices be heard.



theYard.Residency.22 edition

MITOS has managed during the 11 years of organizing the residency program to maintain an alive platform. The 2022 edition wants to invest in the participants, giving them the opportunity to experiment and be tested through new processes until the presentation of their own work. That is why the call for theYard.Residency.22 invites professional creators or artistic groups working in the field of theater and performance who live and work in Cyprus.


The Open Call for the 2022 program concerns two categories of participations:

1) residents. 5 proposals of young creators or artistic groups will be selected to develop their own idea until the final result of their performance or action.

2) co-production. 1 proposal of an artistic group, with previous experience.


The Vinegar Factory will run as a creative lab for the first four months of 2022, which will include:

– A full day of seminars with information and training (organization of production, use of technical equipment, promotion and communication, as well as presentations of the participants).

– Thinking talks with external speakers and collaborators from other fields of arts and sciences, who will contribute in the dialogue on performance issues in the public space, the role of the arts, performativity, community based projects, the use of technology, etc.

– Workshops, screenings and presentations of work in progress with feedback.


Then, the participants will have at their disposal the Vinegar Factory to complete their presentations:

1) residents: total 10 days of residency, with 3 performances/events, inside or outside of the space.

2) co-production: total 1 month for rehearsals, with 6 performances at Vinegar Factory and 1 performance at a venue in Nicosia.



Framework of Collaboration:

– Free use of the Vinegar Factory. The final number of residency days and dates will be decided with the organizers, according to the participants’ needs, the availability of the space and the final program of the labs.

-In communication with the organizers, the space of the Vinegar Factory can operate and adjust how it best serves the idea of the ​​participant.

-In case that the activity will be presented in a public place, MITOS will undertake to secure the relevant permits.

-Free use of technological equipment and infrastructure of the Vinegar Factory.

-Free technical support (4 hours) from professional technician for each participation. Those interested can contact the organizers for more relevant information.

– The income from tickets will belong to the artists. Participants can apply and claim grants for their production, but not for the services already offered by MITOS. In the case of breach, the participation will be canceled. To facilitate applications for funding, MITOS may provide certificates of participation upon request.

-All the selected participations have the same promotion and treatment by the organization. MITOS participates, but does not undertake the full promotion of the selected proposals.

-Participants will receive archival audiovisual recording of their work in digital format.

-In case that the participant’s behavior offends any collaborator of the production, the organization or another person in any way, MITOS has the right at any time to terminate the collaboration.

-During meetings, workshops, rehearsals, performances, etc., all health protocols  and security measures against the pandemic will be applied.

-In case the participants do not comply with the schedules of communication with the organization, their participation will be canceled.

-The creators and groups that will be selected are free to express themselves artistically. But also an important condition for theYard.Residency is that the participants act responsibly in terms of their own production.



  1. The proposals should be related to the theme of the organization as mentioned above.
  2. Priority will be given to the proposals that stand out for their performative form, the temp for experimentation, the contemporary approach and methodology, the collaboration with other arts and sciences.
  3. Priority will be given to collective proposals, without excluding solos.
  4. Those interested should be able to commit to their participation in the performing arts labs.



Proposal submission:

The deadline for submission of proposals is Tuesday, January 11th, 2022, at 14:00. For the proposal to be valid, the applicant must send the completed Application Form which you can find below. The Αpplication Form can be sent via email to, with the title: For participation in theYard.Residency.22.  Audiovisual material that cannot be sent digitally can be posted to the address: Center of Performing Arts MITOS, theYard.Residency.22, Astiggos 1, 3016 Limassol, Cyprus.

Proposals will be reviewed by an evaluation team of  theYard.Residency team and other external partners. Answers will be sent with mail to all proposals, by the end of January 2022. For questions and requests of more information please contact MITOS via the email:


Application form