Old Vinegar Factory


Old Vinegar Factory is the base of the Centre and the main point of the Theater group MITOS activities.  In addition of the annual artistic activities established by the Centre, the Old Vinegar Factory is connected with the actions of MITOS group, as most theater productions were born and developed inside the space.

Located in the traditional center of Limassol, near the old harbor and the Medieval Castle, almost hidden among the intense everyday life that surrounds the area. The Old Vinegar Factory is a reference point of the cultural life of Limassol, offering to the art- loving audience a continuous artistic program giving almost daily reasons to visit it.

Theater and dance performances, live music, projections, readings, art installations and exhibitions, 

seminars, workshops, symposiums and many other activities have found their “home” inside the space. Old Vinegar Factory as a residency space is open to various artists and groups from all art disciplines, to organizations and institutions of Cyprus and abroad.


The ground floor building with the number 34, on Genethliou Mitella pedestrian road, is the official house for the Center of Performing Arts MITOS. It belongs to the historical area of Limassol, near the Medieval Castle and is surrounded by the traditional neighborhood. The building’s architecture is of interest as it is stone built with big arches in its interior, enlisting it in the conservation buildings of the area.


During the whole almost of the 20th century it was a traditional factory for manufacturing brandy at first, and later of vinegar, known in Lemesos as “Argyride’s Vinegars”. Today the space is limited to 120sqm, though in the past to serve the needs of the factory it communicated with chambers of the neighboring buildings.

In 2007 it becomes the official house of MITOS and in memory of its past it is named in Greek as Palio Ksidadiko, meaning the old vinegar factory. It is then gradually restored to turn into a contemporary art space bearing its own equipment and holding onto its traditional aesthetic. Its architecture, the energy, the amazing acoustics and the function of the empty space turn the Old Vinegar Factory into a land field of unlimited artistic choices and potentials.


                Office Address:

Center of Performing Arts MITOS

Astiggos 1, 3016 Lemesos, Cyprus

Old Vinegar Factory Address:

Genethliou Mitella 34,

3036 Lemesos, Cyprus


(+357) 99 985232