Stories…from the sweet country of Cyprus (2011)

(From Leontios Machera’s Chronicles)

The perfrormance takes place in Leontios Machera’s room, who with the help of his two maids tell his guests stories and gossips of the courtyard.
Based on the self-contained stories of the Leontion Macheras Chronicles, as pointed out by Dr. Nadia Anaxagorou, were included "the murder of King Peter the First", "Queen Eleanor’s jealousy", "the breaking up of Templiotes", "the little pilgrim Georgios", among other stories. These narrations

are seemingly diverse in context but their synthesis brings out an overall impression on Macheras writing style and the approach in which he handled hot topics of his era. The language used in the performance is mainly the medieval language of the writer and in smaller part the modern Cypriot dialect.

Creative team
Direction/music: Lukas Walewski
Dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous
Production assistant: Christina Petridou

Macheras: Marios Ioannou
Maids: Marina Mandri, Elena Agathokleous
Doorman: Lukas Walewski

Performances and tour
- The Old Vinegar Factory, Lemesos, October 2011.
- Summer events of the Municipality of Lemesos, Medieval Castle, Lemesos, July 2011.