H4WHAT (2015)

"Dream - A life and a constant struggle to find myself. Who are the others who invade me and who is the one who looks at me straight in the eye in the mirror?"

The H4WHAT, premiered in November 2013 and is inspired by three personal dreams Lukasz Walewski, a meeting with himself, a meeting with a loved one and a third meeting with the "devil". The ritual and the religious devotion of Russia from the work Bells from the Deep (1993) of ntokymanterista Werner Herzog, influence on the positioning and crew take personal dreams in this performance.

The action of the play unfolds as a journey of a dream, with projection of thoughts, words, sounds and symbols, through a series of images of the human figure. Through a series of concerns. If the human condition is in a civilization collapses, how much space is the dream staff. How determined and focused we must be that the dream become a reality. How many chances are there for it.

Director / music / performer: Lukasz Walewski
Dramaturgy: Peter Constantina
Art Director: Lucas Valevski- Constantina Peter

Centre for Performing Arts MITOS

- 8,9,10,11 June, Old Xydadiko, Birth Mitellas 34, Limassol 20:30